Нов смартфон? Не, благодаря

windows phone като изтърсак сред платформите страда от юношеските болести и на двете доминиращи платформи – централизиран магазин за приложения, който е почти незаобиколим, плюс интерфейс, съставен от блокчета, който предизвиква у мнозина (включително …
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Open supply: BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu adaptation im arms-on

Der Grund dafür seien die Apps: WhatsApp oder WeChat beispielsweise fehlen noch, CandyCrush dagegen ist bereits verfügbar. Yeah … Einen ersten Eindruck von Ubuntu cellphone auf dem BQ Aquaris E4.5 bekommt Ihr in unserem palms-on-Video.
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WhatsApp for desktops hits the online, however not for iPhone customers

however presently that won't work for iPhone users, because of "Apple platform limitations," WhatsApp said in a weblog publish. … in addition messages still survive your telephone, which need to be linked to the internet for the web carrier to perform, the …
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Mar 16, 2015 Android is shifting beforehand with the technique to make Ubuntu Linux easily to be had across more than one gadgets. The Ubuntu for Android phone Now on hand and it powered the up to date smartphones to act as a pc. that is customary thing that any Tegra 2 device has extra enhance CPU to compete successfully with older laptops and the additional upcoming quad core chips will put much more computing proper into your pocket. So now you should utilize your android instrument as a laptop. adding a pc operating system on top of a mobile OS may seem somewhat counter-intuitive however it have to be observed that, Android and Ubuntu originate from the identical Linux kernals so it proves more appropriate than you assume.

Ubuntu on android is brilliant with its simplicity. Infact it is so fascinating that that you just think that why they didn’t create it sooner. With this application, the entire Ubuntu laptop OS will run in your cellphone, together with android as a result of each are powered by the identical kernel. relying upon the work one of the vital OS will take but one thing will have to be noticed that Android and Ubuntu will speak each different. So which you can work with single contact lists, single email inboxes, single calendars and single set of documents as a substitute of two of each and every merchandise.

This new OS on Android , makes excellent feel for mavens and trade users. this selection of android software can change not best the business laptop and blackberry but also the everyday place of business laptop. This new function provide the easier computing expertise. Ubuntu on Android has the potential to change the game for everyone. watch for the time when every hotel room is outfitted with a large screen and a docking station and simply plug to your device and your trusty personal computer OS is there as an alternative of checking your mail in your low cost android phones.

From a few years “pc in your pocket” idea is out there however not in the actual experience but Ubuntu on Android can ultimately breathe existence within the idea. So from now, smartphone attain the level of performance equipped via a modern computer. There are rumors like Android 5.0 jelly Bean which have dual boot capabilities and Microsoft wants new android telephone to be a common working device and in addition apple is moving the identical course. all of them are placing their full efforts to set Ubuntu in brand new smartphone. So apparently the brand new development is apparent and all the significant manufactures are seeking to create operating techniques that run persistently throughout displays of all sizes.

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