Roy assessment: The film is a snoozefest despite the hotness of Ranbir, Arjun

Ayesha throws him a "phone mein WhatsApp, fb nahin hai kya?" look … Are we seeing an tricky conspiracy to make Ranbir Kapoor seem like a gingerbread man with the aid of giving him that bad hairstyle and inserting him alongside the attractive Rampal?
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Gingerbread timber with clementine and ginger syrup icing – recipe

For foremost sticky gingerbread, make sure that to not roll the dough too skinny and keep watch over the cooking time – too little and you'll prove with uncooked gingerbread, too long and you'll lose the bread in the gingerbread. The chopped stem ginger provides to the …
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Worst culinary mess ups: from Gwyneth's terrible aubergine to exploding mixers

None of us are proof against calamities within the kitchen. Jeremy Vine doesn't know one finish of his asparagus from the other; chef Valentine Warner struggles with the simple food processor. Gwyneth Paltrow: 'everyone threw up.' photograph: Startraks photograph/Rex.
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