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lawyer Cathy Tran Reck, a U.S. licensed attorney and Managing Director of Cathy Tran Reck &amp mates with places of work in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh city not too long ago issued clarification on the difficulty of Consular Processing 221(g) visa denials for U.S. citizens sponsoring their fiance(e) to the U.S.

Any American citizen who has met and fallen in love with someone out of the country and wants to bring their future spouse to america has to file a K1 Fiance(e) Visa on form I-129F. type I-129F and supporting paperwork are sent to the us Citizenship and Immigration carrier or USCIS for approval. As a basic procedural course of, the initial I-129F Petition is automatically authorized with the national Visa middle or NVC after performing a paper review and forwarding the case to the Embassy where the fiancée resides.

The NVC is charged with the responsibility of making sure that the submitting rate is paid, the required passport images are connected, the Biographical information type is incorporated, and the varieties are signed. it isn’t the NVC’s position to decide whether or not the fiancée in another country is eligible for the K1 visa, which is the position of the department of State after a thorough investigation and personal interview.

while the initial I-129F process is reasonably painless, most couples are bewildered once they receive a “blue sheet” or 221(g) from the Embassy in a foreign country. The blue sheet is issued if the consular officer finds that the proof submitted didn’t satisfactorily show that the couple had entered into the premarital relationship to marry. Implying that the relationship was once entered into to avoid immigration regulation and gain immigration benefits, which is a violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act or INA. The blue sheet technically cites a provision of the regulation within the INA under part 221(g) wherein the officer imagine there’s inadequate evidence to approve the case and would require further investigation into the statements or evidence submitted.

lawyer Cathy Tran Reck, a U.S. licensed legal professional and Managing Director of Cathy Tran Reck &amp pals with places of work in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh metropolis, has discovered that in most cases the consular officer believes that the connection between the U.S. citizen petitioner and the beneficiary was not sufficiently based to overcome the criminal presumption that the marriage used to be entered into to avoid immigration regulation. due to this fact, the Embassy considerations a discover of Intent to deny or NOID unless the couple can surmount the claim. on the other hand, the consular officer found a discrepancy at the non-public interview with the fiancée or a discrepancy within the documentary proof submitted. In some cases, the consular officer discovers new and damaging evidence after investigating the fiancée’s history, or at the very least raised some purple flags that require further administrative overview or administrative processing. In instances reminiscent of this, attorney Cathy Tran Reck recommends consulting with an skilled U.S. immigration legal professional who specializes in consular processing. Cathy Tran Reck &amp mates’ legal professionals are educated in the usa and out of the country and deal namely with consular processing considerations. The agency markets its visa service practice globally to immigration purchasers who needs an attorney on the bottom and at the Embassy.

because of the excessive volume of marriage fraud and immigration sham instances originating from countries such as China, Vietnam, and the Philippines, K1 visa applicants from these nations should submit giant evidence of their courtship together with e mail, cards, letters, chat logs, cellphone payments exhibiting selection of calls and size of calls. A pattern of e-mail threads the couple has through the years and any receipts of bills related to any purchases made for both birthday party. If appropriate then it’s clever to post an in depth and signed remark describing how the couple met, which contains the details in regards to the commute(s) made to seek advice from the beneficiary in her house us of a, the suggestion, the acceptance, about assembly the domestic, and about their hopes and dreams for their future collectively in the us.

legal professional Cathy Tran Reck also notes that some cases are just not approvable for the reason that fiancé has an inadmissibility issue that may not be cured by using proving the sincerity of the relationship. For K1 visa fiancé’s who’ve a communicable clinical condition such as HIV or Tuberculosis, a criminal conviction, overstay violations previously, or misrepresentation, the fiancé has to use for a different I-601 excessive worry waiver. Cathy Tran Reck &amp pals focuses on Consular Processing in Vietnam and Thailand, and predominantly on Immigrant and Non-immigrant visas to the united states.


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