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CLEVELAND, OHIO (PRWEB) October 17, 2015

Micros Chip has presented a new and progressive label technique to help fight the worldwide drawback of counterfeit products. (

The Seegram chip is a patented, revolutionary label know-how that may replace or increase the hologram as a part of an organization’s anti-counterfeit technique. applications include luxurious goods, electronics, documents and foreign money, credit cards and IDs, prescribed drugs, spirits, and others.

not like holograms, the Seegram label can be read via the human eye, and does no longer require special gadgets to validate. The retailer and the shopper can view the label, and buy the product with confidence.

Tom Lash of Micros Chip stated, “Many counterfeit products being sold these days also have counterfeit safety holograms. for the reason that Seegram chips have 3D-structured options which can be made using semiconductor manufacturing and film molding tactics, they are almost impossible to replicate. there is a enormous world patent portfolio that also protects this expertise.”

Micros Chip is introducing this new expertise in the usa, Europe, and Canada. several massive world clients in Korea have vetted and validated the know-how, and are the usage of these labels in commerce for anti-counterfeiting and brand labeling. These steady chips may also be designed and sized for any application, with your distinctive logo and micro-text letters or icons.

When you want to confirm OEM authenticity with the Seegram, just “See for yourself.”

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want to analyze more and receive some samples? Contact Micros Chip for more data with the aid of calling Tom Lash at 216.303.6063, by way of e mail at: tlash(at)micros-chip(dot)com, or talk over with the company website online at:

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