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The Selkirk Rex cat is unique in that it has very curly hair, together with its whiskers. These cats originated in Montana in the usa in 1987. they’ve developed so there’s a lengthy coat variety and a brief coat variety. Their physique is solid and muscular and they’re of medium construct. in addition to being curly, this cat breed’s coat may be very thick, gentle, and plush. the head of the Selkirk Rex is round, with huge round eyes and medium ears.

These cats have an awfully thick coat which is more likely to shed steadily, so common grooming is necessary. different Rex cat breeds have decreased amounts of hair, however the Selkirk Rex does now not and isn’t advisable for folk with cat allergies. The character of this cat breed is much like the cat breeds from which it derived. it is very playful like an exotic Shorthair cat. they’re additionally very laid-back and reserved just like the British Shorthair. they are loving, affectionate, and cuddly and really affected person. This breed gets together with kids and different pets.

The Selkirk Rex cat breed is most often healthy and tough. it is crucial that they’re bred towards the right kind head construction in any other case their tear ducts may transform kinked which reasons tears to run down the front of the face. With its curly coat, the Selkirk Rex can expertise inflammation within the ear and wax buildup because of the curly fur. Some Selkirk Rex cats is also inclined to polycystic kidney disease, a situation during which cysts type in the kidneys and may lead to kidney failure. They can also be inclined to cardiomyopathy, a heart situation by which the muscle becomes enlarged and ends up in a deficiency of blood circulation.

A excellent cat proprietor shall be fully ready for the addition of a new Selkirk Rex to the household. it is suggested to fill up on just right meals, cat proof the home, and compare pet insurance coverage to find excellent protection for the cat. Pet insurance will help with any dear veterinary bills must an sudden accident or illness happen. This cat will thrive in a loving household and a nice dwelling.