i’ve spent the final seven years on the streets of Abington Township, PA as Police Officer. i have also been a Taser instructor for the department for the previous three years. As a lawman you by no means know when the next self protection scenario will come up. until about 5 years in the past, pepper spray and an expandable baton were the only non-deadly weapons to be had for our division. It took an incident where a heavily intoxicated man was fighting with a couple of officers and persisted to combat after being sprayed and hit with the baton. It wasn’t unless an officer from a neighboring department arrived and Tased the topic, that the fight eventually ended. We now elevate the Taser X26 as our primary non-deadly self-protection weapon. Taser found the X26 to be so effective that they developed the Taser C2 as a civilian variant.

The Taser C2′s goal is to incapacitate any individual with minimal risk of serious injury. any individual that i have seen injured throughout a Taser incident, sustained their accidents from the fall after being hit with the Taser, now not the Taser itself. So, if for some motive, you are fascinated about the security of the person who is making an attempt to assault you, don’t be. the safety of the Taser has been documented in dozens of impartial clinical studies.

The Taser C2 uses electrical pulses to speedy incapacitate a dangerous topic. literally, each muscle in their physique tenses up, and so they fall to the ground. The Taser C2 may also be deployed out to a maximum distance 15 ft and will also be used as a right away contact stun software, the identical as a traditional “stun gun.” Taser gadgets are container proven to be over 95% effective in actual regulation enforcement encounters and are utilized by over 14,200 police companies in forty international locations. In my expertise on the street, the Taser has been a hundred% efficient, even towards topics below the affect of gear or alcohol. i’ve never viewed a subject that did not right away fall to the ground after being hit with a Taser.

When fired, the Taser C2 will deliver electrical pulses for 30 seconds. throughout this window of probability, that you would be able to set down the Taser C2, while the attacker is incapacitated, and safely escape. must you in reality have to make use of your Taser C2, Taser offers a replacement assure. All you need to do is ship Taser a replica of the police record documenting the attack, and Taser will substitute the unit for free. it’s Taser’s motto “Your existence is price more to us than the price of a Taser gadget”.

The Taser C2 is a superb self safeguard weapon, particularly for somebody who does not wish to raise a firearm or is concerned about having a loaded firearm across the dwelling. The C2 is compact and light-weight, and may also be simply concealed. The integrated LED light and laser sight make aiming the Taser extraordinarily easy, in a low mild state of affairs. to not point out, i’ve found that the sight of a laser on one’s chest regularly deters most of the people. Tasers can also be legally carried, with out a permit, in forty three states. check your native laws before buying or carrying a Taser.

no person ever believes they may in finding themselves in a self defense situation, but everyday, all across the united states, folks do. happily, nearly all of us will never need to face an attacker. alternatively, will have to you ever in finding your self cornered, a Taser C2 could give you the confidence you wish to defend yourself and survive that situation. if you happen to lift a Taser instrument, and never have to make use of it, nice, but if you happen to ever need it, you’ll be thankful you will have it. Carrying the Taser offers me an extra bit of self belief wanted to handle the a variety of situations I stumble upon as a Police Officer. I believe someone who’s desirous about their security, or the security of family members, would in finding the Taser C2 a smart investment.