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what is the social security limit for
(PRWEB) December 15, 2015

Over the weekend, climate negotiators from nearly 200 nations authorized the “Lima Accord”, an agreement to cut back greenhouse fuel emissions with the aid of reducing again on the burning of coal, pure fuel, and oil for power starting in 2020. however the pledges are non-binding, that means the enforcement mechanism amounts to nothing greater than applying peer force.

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“international warming advocates on the United countries have as soon as again achieved what they do very best: Waste taxpayer bucks and emit enormous amounts of carbon dioxide flying bureaucrats from all over the arena to resort destinations. international locations with all of a sudden rising carbon dioxide emissions is not going to cut back these emissions except the U.S. and different Western democracies pay them inordinate bribes to take action. Even then, such action could have little or no discernible affect on world and regional local weather.

“fortuitously, the new Lima ‘settlement’ is all talk and no substance. this is what the United international locations does absolute best, all while sending bureaucrats and activists on beautiful taxpayer-funded holidays.”

James M. Taylor

Senior fellow for Environmental policy

The Heartland Institute




“The Lima Accord is being hailed broadly as a ‘dramatic step forward’ to ‘battle climate exchange.’ it is nothing of the kind; it’s a ‘share the global wealth’ scheme, according to shoddy local weather science.”

S. Fred Singer

Senior Fellow, surroundings

The Heartland Institute


Science and Environmental policy challenge




“the whole motive to meet and set up limits on carbon dioxide emissions is moot. We’re down in hurricanes, we’re down in tornadoes. the average world temperature hasn’t changed in 18 years, yet carbon dioxide emissions proceed to head up. When is enough, enough?”

Jay Lehr

Science Director

The Heartland Institute




“For local weather alternate authentic believers it is a nightmare settlement. For the primary time publicly, all international locations at a climate convention have mentioned publicly what has been real all alongside. All countries agreed to do one thing about climate change, but there’s nothing different countries can put in force. The latter was once genuine of every previous agreement in reality, however at the least on paper each and every collaborating country had binding goals and the sector could theoretically levy punishments on international locations no longer meeting their paper targets.

“the new settlement binds all nations to environment pursuits, bringing, for the first time, every country into the regime … but then it sets no enforcement mechanism other than through ‘disgrace’ and ‘peer force.’ We’ve all considered how neatly shame and peer drive have labored on Russia in Georgia, the Crimea, and Ukraine, and on China with cameras rolling in Tiananmen square, or on the warlords ruling quite a lot of African international locations as they proceed to hold out atrocities and conflict crimes, and even the united states within the face of world condemnation for harsh interrogation tactics at Guantanamo Bay.

“As Thomas Hobbes so succinctly and presciently said centuries in the past: ‘Covenant without the sword are but words with no power to steady a [country] in any respect.’ even though each country sets onerous objectives and totally intends to acquire them, there may be nothing on this settlement that may keep them from surroundings targets that allow big boom of emissions for many years at some point before any actual caps or objectives change into efficient – or from future governments changing their minds as time and instances move.

“while I believe the sector needs to make use of more fossil fuels, now not much less – and that compelled fossil gasoline vitality rate reductions are immoral because of the tens of millions of people they would condemn to persevered poverty and early dying – if this is the ultimate framework of future climate agreements, I’m left as happy as i will be able to be.”

H. Sterling Burnett

research Fellow, setting & energy policy

The Heartland Institute

Managing Editor, setting & climate information




“the most recent spherical of negotiations in Lima, Peru, are a great instance of what governments are capable of attaining when they all get collectively to work toward a common goal: no longer so much.

“while this would possibly not do much to raise the stock of the individual delegates, many of whom had hoped to stroll away from the conference with a legally binding plan to cut carbon dioxide emissions ahead of the climate negotiations scheduled for Paris in 2015, it does enhance the stock for the average American.

“Efforts to reduce the amount of power generated from fossil fuels would end in dire financial penalties and a drastic discount within the quality of life for moderate american citizens. fortunately, the politicians in attendance in Lima did what politicians do very best: bicker and argue without coming to an settlement.”

Isaac Orr

research Fellow, energy and setting policy

The Heartland Institute




“The Lima Accord may be the ultimate in humor if it weren’t so expensive for absolutely everyone. imagine 10,000 crucial people meeting for greater than 10 days to resolve a major drawback that is going to end life as we are aware of it on planet Earth – and all they agree to do is the perfect we will, united states by way of united states of america.

“President Obama needs to sign on to the plan as a result of he sees his function in fighting the climate downside as a cornerstone of his legacy. The president has pledged that the united states will reduce emissions via as so much as 28 p.c by 2025. The nation can reach a few of that below new regulations of tailpipe and energy plant emissions enacted by means of his administration.

“however listed below are the funny components of this: (1) there is not any significant international warming due to the activities of mankind. there has been no warming at curious about over 18 years; and (2) the speculation behind this enormous frenzy of international activity – the theory that carbon dioxide emissions via our civilization’s use of fossil fuels are going to lead to uncontrollable warming – has completely failed to verify. So this complete obstacle is a non-predicament constructed on a fallacy.

“The pricey parts of this are the higher costs we’re buying meals and energy, that are damaging our national financial system and our personal high quality of life. consultants calculate the typical American domestic of 4 is currently paying greater than $ 1,200 a year because of the federal government’s local weather agenda. And, if the president is able to enact the measures in his plan that price will raise to $ 4,200 per domestic. it is onerous to snort on the situation when it is costing you a lot cash.”

John Coleman


Founder, The climate Channel

coverage marketing consultant, surroundings

The Heartland Institute




“Some opinion leaders are declaring that the ‘firewall’ between growing and developed nations has been breached with the Lima settlement, and that now each poor and rich nations will be handled the identical with recognize to protecting their emission discount commitments. that is highly improbable.

“The very first line within the new Lima name for local weather motion states: ‘Reiterating that the work of the advert Hoc Working workforce on the Durban Platform (ADP) for improved action will probably be beneath the conference and guided by way of its rules.’ and people convention principles are clear: ‘economic and social building and poverty eradication are the primary and overriding priorities of the creating country events.’

“Developed nations wouldn’t have this option and will likely be held to their commitments regardless of how it affects their economies and societies. significantly lowering the usage of fossil fuels, the source of the least expensive vitality on this planet, will indubitably obstruct ‘economic and social development and poverty eradication.’ that implies, not directly, growing countries may not be held to greenhouse gas reduction ambitions in any respect.

“The firewall is as robust as ever. we are being sucked into any other Kyoto Protocol.”

Tom Harris

executive Director

world local weather Science Coalition

policy advisor, power and surroundings

The Heartland Institute




“The London daily times stated it best possible when the COP-20 led to Lima, Peru Sunday morning: ‘right through a disturbing remaining forty hours of negotiations in Lima, Peru, a loophole used to be inserted into the local weather alternate deal that permits countries to avoid the tough, financial system-wide emissions objectives already adopted by using Britain.’

“The Lima summit produced nothing however a variety of hot air, and the final agreement ensures nothing. The creating nations hope the assembly in Lima will lead to the subsequent meeting in Paris in 2015 – through which developed nations, such as the U.S., will likely be blackmailed into giving them billions of greenbacks. Let’s see what President Obama offers away next year to perpetuate his legacy as the key participant on climate exchange.”

James H. Rust

Professor of nuclear engineering (Ret.), Georgia Tech

policy advisor

The Heartland Institute




“The ‘climate trade’ settlement that concluded the Lima, Peru gathering of the 20th United nations convention to reduce ‘greenhouse gases’ will be viewed on reflection as a worldwide case of stupidity and deceit. The Earth is not warming. It has been cooling for the prior 18 years according to a superbly pure cycle induced with the aid of a discount of sun radiation. Why would international locations agree to answer a non-existent event? moreover, decreasing carbon dioxide (CO2) makes even much less feel. it is literally very important to all life in the world because the gas upon which all vegetation is dependent. to reduce CO2 emissions with the aid of reducing using coal, oil and pure fuel is proof of even more stupidity because the developed world and people short of more development are utterly dependent on these sources of vitality. The planet will not be operating out of any of them. lifestyles on earth has been blessed with the benefits they supply. The settlement in Lima would threaten, not protect, the lives of everybody as all of us depend upon vitality. The settlement shouldn’t be legally binding, which means that that the nations pledging to cut back energy use will proceed to ignore it just as they have been doing when you consider that 1992 when this farce commenced. As for local weather exchange, it has been occurring on the planet for 4.5 billion years. Get used to it.”

Alan Caruba

Founder, The nationwide anxiety center

coverage marketing consultant, The Heartland Institute



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Married couples don’t know which of them will die first. now not a pleasant concept to speak about but an important subject none the much less.  What you wish to know is when the first spouse dies, the rest spouse’s social safety benefits is also radically modified, and now not always for the simpler. 

Take the instance of Nancy and Jim – a standard heart profits couple who equipped their affairs and way of life to retire on their planned Social security advantages. They both had a hit careers. Jim was sixty nine years previous, retired and eligible to obtain a monthly retirement check from the Social safety Administration (SSA) within the amount of $ 1,956. Nancy was once sixty six years old, retired as neatly, and eligible to obtain a month-to-month take a look at from SSA in the quantity of $ 1,700. they had a comfortable mixed month-to-month SSA retirement income of $ three,656.

Jim took unwell and died abruptly. rapidly thereafter, Nancy was once knowledgeable via the Social security affiliation that the SSA rules do not permit Nancy to continue receiving two retirement assessments!  SSA will now handiest pay one retirement test to Nancy, whichever is the upper of what she receives or what Jim obtained previous to his demise. on the grounds that Jim’s retirement merit used to be larger than Nancy’s, SSA will now pay Nancy the month-to-month benefit up to now paid to Jim. Nancy, the surviving spouse, will find the family social safety retirement advantages reduced from $ 3,656 a month to $ 1,956 a month – a 46% reduction in her standard of living.

Now consider the case of John – a sixty seven yr old retired man married to Mary. Mary was once 50 years old and also retired however she didn’t meet the age requirements for SSA eligibility.  John and Mary lived comfortably on John’s monthly $ 1,850 social safety retirement take a look at. When John died, Mary had no longer reached her 62nd birthday and did not qualify for SSA advantages. subsequently, in line with SSA rules, Mary did not have an present proper to John’s retirement take a look at. Mary’s retirement profits went from $ 1,850 to zero.

When Mary meets the current social security retirement age of 62, she will practice to obtain SSA retirement advantages. at the moment, SSA will come to a decision whether or not her benefit would be greater the use of John’s work record or hers. If Mary had been caring for minor youngsters, the story would have been totally different. a few of John’s SSA taxes would have paid for “survivors insurance”. If the surviving spouse is caring for minor kids, he or she is eligible to use for and receive survivor advantages based totally upon the work report of the partner who died.

If John and Mary divorced previous to John’s loss of life, the story would were totally different again. Mary would have been eligible for retirement advantages as a divorced partner on John’s Social safety document if she was once married to him for at least 10 years, was once as a minimum sixty two years outdated, used to be unmarried and was no longer entitled to the next Social safety advantage on her personal merit.

The deceased’s former partner, alternatively, does now not have to satisfy the age or length-of-marriage rule if caring for the decedent’s kid who is under age 16 or who’s disabled. Survivors benefits paid to a divorced partner won’t have an effect on the benefit charges for different survivors. 

PLANNING YOUR SOCIAL safety benefits

The SSA deals each retirement benefits and survivor benefits to members of the family of covered workers.  members of the family could include widows and widowers, kids, former spouses and based folks. in case you are a qualifying married couple planning for retirement or figuring out how to quilt the price of long term care, be sure to imagine how SSA funds may change in the event one spouse dies. a discount of nearly 50% of retirement advantages might result in a major alternate in standard of living and peace of thoughts for your golden years. consider these key factors:

If each spouses are receiving social safety retirement checks and one spouse dies the SSA will no longer pay each exams. The surviving spouse is simplest eligible to continue to receive the retirement take a look at which can pay the very best benefit.
If the surviving partner is not caring for minor kids and isn’t as a minimum sixty two years of age, he or she cannot continue to obtain the social security retirement check prior to now being paid to the spouse who died. The surviving partner must reapply for SSA retirement benefits when he or she meets SSA retirement age skills.
underneath some circumstances, a divorced partner of a decedent could also be entitled to the decedent’s social safety benefits.