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(PRWEB) September 17, 2015

international demand to upward push 7.5% per annum through 2017

The global market for motorcycle parts, together with those for electrical bicycles (e-bikes) and motorcycles (ecycles), is forecast to make bigger 7.5 percent annually to $ 119.5 billion in 2017. The Asia/Pacific area, which has both the best possible motorcycle production and essentially the most bikes in use, will continue to dominate global demand, representing four-fifths of complete motorbike elements consumption in 2017.

China, other Asia/Pacific countries to % demand

international sales of bike components will probably be fueled by means of rising bike output and a ramification within the size of the bike park, both the results of higher standards of living in developing nations. China will remain through a ways the most important national market, with India and Indonesia additionally important on account of their large populations, plus the large dimension of their motorbike manufacturing industries, which boost related part consumption. there is a robust correlation between average earnings levels and motorbike and associated parts demand. In emerging economies where bikes are a wonderful various to walking, riding a bicycle, or the use of mass transit, just right features in bike part gross sales are prompted as soon as certain per capita earnings thresholds had been reached.

Tires, electrical & digital elements to develop quickest

Engine and drivetrain parts will remain the biggest component product class in dollar phrases because they account for the best proportion of total parts prices, whatever the version. merchandise on this segment, in addition to those included in the structural workforce, derive the vast majority of their sales from OEM functions.

it is because virtually all of these components have low substitute charges, meaning that they are designed to final the useful lifetime of a motorcycle.

The fastest growth amongst main motorcycle part classes will likely be considered by means of tires, with the alternative market accounting for more than 4-fifths of incremental demand from 2015 to 2017.

gross sales of electrical and electronic parts will climb the following quickest, aided by boom within the motorbike inventory and rising output of e-bikes and e-cycles, many of which use costlier batteries than these installed in traditional ICE cycles.

Medium & heavy ICE OEM parts to remain dominant in US

authentic equipment producer (OEM) motorbike components will continue to account for the majority of the market total in 2017, representing fifty five % of all sales. OEM consumption ranges are dependent on the number and sorts of bikes produced, while aftermarket demand — which makes up the rest — climbs along with the scale of the motorcycle inventory. As a general rule, medium and heavy inside combustion engine (ICE) bikes are the costliest machines to construct and handle. in consequence, the usa, which has vital production and a large stock of medium and heavy ICE bikes, will account for 5 % of world part demand in 2017.

study coverage

small print on these and other key findings are presented in World bike elements, an upcoming Freedonia trade find out about priced at $ 5900. It deals historical information (2002, 2007 and 2015) plus forecasts (2017 and 2022) for supply and demand knowledge, in addition to demand with the aid of type, in six areas and 20 countries.

The learn about also assesses key market environment elements, examines the global trade construction, evaluates firm market share and profiles 50 opponents in the international trade, including Bajaj Auto, BMW, Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Hero MotoCorp, Kawasaki and Yamaha.



I. government abstract 1

II. MARKET setting four

normal 4

World financial Overview 5

latest historic traits 6

World economic Outlook 8

World Demographic Overview eleven

population 12

city population thirteen

Households 15

World private earnings tendencies 17

World motorcycle Overview 19

motorcycle manufacturing 23

interior Combustion Engine bikes 26

electric bikes 29

motorcycles in Use 33

World light vehicle Demand 37

felony & Regulatory issues 40

Counterfeit merchandise forty one

finish of existence necessities 43

Restrictions on motorbike Use forty four

Rider security forty five

Exhaust Emissions 47

Pricing Patterns 49

Technological trends fifty one

inside Combustion Engine motorcycles 52

electric motorcycles 53

III. WORLD provide & DEMAND 55

basic 55

Regional Overview fifty six

Demand 56

manufacturing fifty nine

international change sixty two

Demand by using Market sixty four

original tools Manufacturing sixty five

Aftermarket sixty eight

Demand by means of Product 72

Engine & Drivetrain seventy four

interior Combustion Engines & parts seventy seven

electrical Propulsion Motors seventy nine

Drivetrain parts eighty one

Tires eighty three

Structural elements 87

Wheels ninety

Frames ninety two

Suspensions 93

different ninety five

Electrical & electronic elements ninety six

Batteries one hundred

lights tools 102

Ignition machine parts 104

other 106

other motorcycle parts 107

Brake components 111

Filters 113

Exhaust & Emission gadget parts 114

All different 116

IV. NORTH the us 118

common 118

bike part provide & Demand 119

bike element Outlook & Suppliers 122

u.s. 125

Canada 132

Mexico 138


general one hundred forty five

bike component provide & Demand 146

bike part Outlook & Suppliers 149

Italy 153

Germany 160

Spain 166

France 172

uk 178

other Western Europe 184

VI. ASIA/PACIFIC one hundred ninety

basic 190

motorcycle element supply & Demand 191

motorbike part Outlook & Suppliers 194

China 197

India 204

Indonesia 210

Japan 217

Vietnam 224

Thailand 231

Taiwan 237

Pakistan 243

Philippines 249

Malaysia 255

South Korea 261

other Asia/Pacific 267

VII. different areas 274

crucial & South america 274

basic 274

bike part provide & Demand 275

motorcycle component Outlook & Suppliers 278

Brazil 281

different principal & South the united states 288

japanese Europe 294

common 294

bike element supply & Demand 295

bike part Outlook & Suppliers 298

Africa/Mideast 301

basic 301

motorbike component provide & Demand 303

motorbike element Outlook & Suppliers 305

VIII. industry structure 309

general 309

business Composition 310

Market Share 313

Product development & Manufacturing 317

advertising & Distribution 319

Cooperative Agreements 322

Mergers & Acquisitions 326

company Profiles 329

Akrapovi? dd 330

Arrow unique elements SpA 331

Bajaj Auto limited 332

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG 334

BMW Motorrad, see Bayerische Motoren Werke

Brembo SpA 336

Bridgestone agency 338

China Jialing Industrial firm restricted 340

Chongqing Jianshe bike firm restricted 341

Chongqing Yinxiang motorcycle workforce firm restricted 342

Chongqing Yujiang Die-Casting company restricted 343

Chongqing Zongshen power equipment firm limited 344

Continental AG 345

Cooper Tire & Rubber firm 348

Daelim Industrial company restricted 349

Dayun crew firm restricted 351

Ducati Motor retaining, see Volkswagen

Edelbrock LLC 352

EnerSys 353

Exide applied sciences 354

giant Manufacturing firm limited 356

Goodyear Tire & Rubber company 357

Guangzhou Dayang motorcycle, see Dayun staff

Haojue Holdings company restricted 359

Harley-Davidson incorporated 360

Hero MotoCorp restricted 362

Honda Motor firm restricted 363

Hong Leong Industries Berhad 365

Jiangmen Dachangjiang crew, see Haojue Holdings

Jiangsu Xinri E-vehicle firm restricted 366

Jiangsu Yadea Technical construction firm restricted 367

Jinfei protecting group firm restricted 368

Johnson Controls integrated 369

Kawasaki Heavy Industries restricted 371

Keihin agency 373

KTM AG 376

Kwang Yang Motor firm restricted 378

KYB bike Suspension, see Yamaha Motor

Lifan business crew company limited 380

Loncin Motor company restricted 381

Luoyang North enterprises staff firm restricted 382

Michelin staff 384

MITSUBA employer 386

Musashi Seimitsu industry company limited 388

MV Agusta Motor SpA 390

Piaggio & C. SpA 392

Pirelli & C. SpA 394

Polaris Industries included 396

Russell performance products, see Edelbrock

S&S Cycle incorporated 397

Sanyang trade firm limited 398

Scandinavian Brake programs A/S four hundred

Suzuki Motor corporation 401

Tianneng power world restricted 403

Triumph motorcycles limited 404

Volkswagen AG 406

Wanfeng Auto maintaining staff firm restricted 408

Yamaha Motor firm limited 409

Zhejiang Wanfeng Auto Wheel, see Wanfeng Auto

keeping group

other companies talked about in learn about 413

checklist OF TABLES

section I — government summary

abstract table three

part II — MARKET atmosphere

1 World Gross domestic Product through region eleven

2 World inhabitants with the aid of area thirteen

3 World city inhabitants by way of region 15

4 World Households via region 17

5 World Per Capita Gross home Product through region 19

6 World motorcycle manufacturing through Engine kind & region 25

7 World inside Combustion Engine motorcycle production

through kind & area 29

eight World electrical bike production by means of kind & region 33

9 World motorcycles in Use with the aid of Engine type & area 36

10 World gentle automobile Demand by region forty

11 unique equipment Manufacturing motorcycle component

cost by way of region 51

section III — WORLD supply & DEMAND

1 World motorcycle component Demand via region fifty eight

2 World motorbike element production via area sixty one

3 World motorcycle part web Exports via region 63

4 World bike Demand by means of Market sixty five

5 World unique equipment Manufacturing motorbike

part Demand by area sixty seven

6 World Aftermarket motorbike component Demand via Product

& region 71

7 World motorcycle element Demand by means of type 73

8 World motorbike Engine & Drivetrain component Demand

through Product & area 76

9 World motorcycle interior Combustion Engine & components Demand

by means of area 79

10 World bike electrical Propulsion Motor Demand by using area eighty one

11 World motorbike Drivetrain component Demand via area eighty three

12 World motorcycle Tire Demand via Market & area 86

13 World motorbike Structural element Demand via Product

& area 89

14 World motorbike Wheel Demand by means of area 91

15 World bike body Demand by using area 93

sixteen World motorcycle Suspension Demand with the aid of area 95

17 World Demand for different bike Structural elements

by using region 96

18 World bike Electrical & digital element Demand

by way of Product & area ninety nine

19 World motorbike Battery Demand through Market & region 102

20 World bike lights tools Demand via area 104

21 World motorbike Ignition gadget Demand by way of area 106

22 World Demand for different motorbike Electrical & electronic

elements via area 107

23 World Demand for different bike components via Product

& region 110

24 World motorbike Brake part Demand by using Market & region 112

25 World bike Filter Demand by using Market & region 114

26 World motorbike Exhaust & Emission gadget parts Demand

via area 116

27 World Demand for All different bike elements

by using region 117

part IV — NORTH the united states

1 North the united states: motorcycle part supply & Demand 121

2 North the us: bike part Demand by means of kind 124

three america: motorbike component provide & Demand 128

four united states of america: motorbike part Demand by way of type 131

5 Canada: motorbike component provide & Demand 134

6 Canada: motorcycle element Demand with the aid of type 137

7 Mexico: bike element provide & Demand 141

8 Mexico: bike part Demand by using sort one hundred forty four


1 Western Europe: motorbike part supply & Demand 148

2 Western Europe: motorcycle part Demand with the aid of sort 152

3 Italy: bike element supply & Demand 156

4 Italy: bike component Demand through kind 159

5 Germany: bike part provide & Demand 162

6 Germany: bike part Demand via type a hundred sixty five

7 Spain: motorbike component supply & Demand 168

eight Spain: motorcycle element Demand by way of kind 171

9 France: motorbike element supply & Demand 174

10 France: motorbike element Demand by means of sort 177

11 united kingdom: motorbike component provide & Demand 180

12 uk: motorbike component Demand by means of kind 183

thirteen different Western Europe: motorcycle component supply

& Demand 186

14 different Western Europe: motorbike component Demand

by using kind 189


1 Asia/Pacific: motorbike component provide & Demand 193

2 Asia/Pacific: motorbike part Demand by kind 196

3 China: motorcycle component provide & Demand 200

four China: motorbike part Demand with the aid of kind 203

5 India: bike element provide & Demand 206

6 India: bike component Demand via kind 209

7 Indonesia: motorbike component provide & Demand 213

eight Indonesia: motorbike element Demand by type 216

9 Japan: motorbike element supply & Demand 220

10 Japan: motorbike component Demand via kind 223

11 Vietnam: bike part provide & Demand 227

12 Vietnam: motorbike component Demand by way of sort 230

13 Thailand: bike part supply & Demand 233

14 Thailand: motorbike component Demand with the aid of type 236

15 Taiwan: bike component supply & Demand 239

sixteen Taiwan: bike part Demand with the aid of type 242

17 Pakistan: bike component provide & Demand 245

18 Pakistan: bike component Demand with the aid of kind 248

19 Philippines: motorbike component provide & Demand 251

20 Philippines: bike component Demand by means of sort 254

21 Malaysia: motorcycle element provide & Demand 257

22 Malaysia: bike element Demand by sort 260

23 South Korea: motorbike component supply & Demand 263

24 South Korea: motorcycle element Demand through sort 266

25 other Asia/Pacific: motorcycle component supply & Demand 270

26 other Asia/Pacific: bike part Demand by way of kind 273

part VII — other regions

1 crucial & South the us: motorbike element

provide & Demand 277

2 valuable & South america: motorcycle part Demand

by kind 280

3 Brazil: motorcycle component supply & Demand 284

four Brazil: bike component Demand by means of type 287

5 different important & South the united states: motorcycle part

provide & Demand 290

6 different central & South the united states: motorbike element

Demand with the aid of sort 293

7 japanese Europe: motorcycle part provide & Demand 297

eight eastern Europe: bike element Demand by using kind 300

9 Africa/Mideast: motorcycle component provide & Demand 304

10 Africa/Mideast: motorcycle part Demand with the aid of kind 307

part VIII — business structure

1 motorcycle element gross sales through company, 2015 311

2 chosen Cooperative Agreements 324

3 selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 328


part II — MARKET atmosphere

1 standard bike Market Transition points for chosen

countries, 2015 22

2 World motorbike production by region, 2015 26

3 World motorcycles in Use via region, 2015 37

part III — WORLD supply & DEMAND

1 World motorbike component Demand via area, 2015 59

2 World bike element manufacturing by region, 2015 sixty two

three World original gear Manufacturing bike

component Demand with the aid of area, 2015 68

4 World Aftermarket motorbike component Demand

by way of area, 2015 72

5 World motorcycle component Demand by means of type, 2002-2022 74

6 World bike Engine & Drivetrain part Demand

by means of region, 2015 77

7 World bike Tire Demand via area, 2015 87

eight World motorbike Structural element Demand

with the aid of region, 2015 ninety

9 World motorbike Electrical & electronic element Demand

by area, 2015 a hundred

10 World Demand for other bike components

by region, 2015 111

section IV — NORTH america

1 North america: motorcycle element Demand

through type, 2015 a hundred twenty five


1 Western Europe: motorcycle component Demand

by means of sort, 2015 153


1 Asia/Pacific: motorbike part Demand through kind, 2015 197

section VII — other regions

1 central & South the united states: bike component Demand

through sort, 2015 281

2 eastern Europe: motorbike element Demand

through kind, 2015 301

3 Africa/Mideast: motorcycle element Demand

via type, 2015 308

part VIII — trade structure

1 World motorbike element Market Share, 2015 314

read the entire report:

World bike parts Market


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