Santa Clara County: First steps urged to start out fixing beleaguered election

At a special committee meeting on Wednesday, supervisors Joe Simitian and Ken Yeager said the Registrar of Voter's office should seem into providing team of workers 24-hours across the clock all through the election duration to hurry up notoriously slow pollcounting …
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“Who do I usually vote for, mum?” When election day will get shut, the countdown is ready on for some other the most important choice: shall I vote for Mr X or shall I vote for Mrs Y?

Mum does not need to face any such predicament. She used to when she was once younger, however these occasions are over now. Even earlier than Mr X declared himself a candidate for the united states of america’s presidency, she knew she would supply him her vote. Her concepts are engraved when you consider that one of Mr X’s fellow campaigners certain her of a job and a flat in the city.

So 20-year old Dwaine has to show to any person else. Most of his chums belief Mrs Y. They more exactly hate Mr X. “he’s a crafty flesh presser, they say. he alters sides each two weeks to idiot the electors. but he won’t idiot us. everybody is aware of he’s a liberal son of a xxxx and a a ways-proper sympathizer.” after which Dwayne and his friends mild a joint in entrance of the university entrance and browse out loud a satirical tract from a a long way-left fanzine.

but Dwaine is still no longer sure. he’s a pure-born citizen and he wants to get a larger picture. So he goes within the evening to Mrs Y’s meeting and he listens to her speech. She says it’s time for alternate, she says it’s time for justice, she says the opposite side is bad. And Dwaine comes house with a resolution: “i’ll vote for Mrs Y.”

however mum has became the television on. She’s gazing a talk-express. A fierce and intense debate between two political consultants takes position, and new pieces of information he had now not heard about sooner than drift to his ears: unemployment, interest rates, financial savings, indebtedness of the State, security, ecology, overseas coverage, nuclear energy… It gives him the hell of a headache. he is asking mum what she thinks of each of them, however she merely answers. “All i do know is that the fellow on the left cannot talk properly, she says. He will get angry at all times and all the time interrupts the opposite.”

however then Dwaine realizes the fellow on the left is considered one of Mrs Y’s supporters. And he says to himself: “if he cannot talk correctly and gets angry at all times, perhaps the reason is, his opponent is just too excellent for him. perhaps he has no argument.” So he offers himself every other day to make up his mind.

the next morning he goes to an off-licence, buys himself a few beers and two papers. He gets home and reads them. within the first one, there’s an interview of Mr X. It says it is time for alternate, it says it’s time for justice, it says the opposite facet is dangerous. Dwaine wonders who used to be the primary to come up with this key-remark, when you consider that both candidates declare possession. So he goes on the internet and starts his investigation. He gets 1,147 outcomes for “it can be time for alternate” and 1,254 outcomes for “it’s time for justice”.

He extraordinarily finds out that neither Mr X, nor Mrs Y have a monopoly on it. tons of of politicians, a few of them dead for 40 a long time, said exactly the same thing. Dwaine is totally lost. He drinks his two cans of beer and buys every other 10. “In Vino veritas”, his Latin trainer stated.

The day of the election, Dwaine wakes up at 12 with a bad hangover. He forgot concerning the election. He would not care anymore. however he’s a citizen and he’s going to do his duty. So he will get on the street and walks to the polling station. he’s in search of a sign. A decisive event so as to make him make a decision. on the market nook, a tall black guy asks him for a fag. He says he does not have one and he will get punched within the face. he is bleeding. he’s humiliated. He runs to the polling station and places his vote into the ballot box with out a minute of hesitation. He voted for Mr X, whom he heard say the word “security” one time greater than Mrs Y.

His job is finished. His duty is performed. Now Dwaine can begin thinking eventually about one thing else.