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(PRWEB) April 24, 2004

i’m deeply stricken through what I sense to be similar to a Civil war on this united states in our political arena. there may be any such polarization between the left and the proper, between Republican and Democrat. but listen, we’re all americans. When it comes proper down to it, we aren’t Democrats, Republicans or Independents, we’re american citizens. I mean if the bomb were to drop today, we might all rise up collectively as american citizens. Some how i feel now we have forgotten that.

And for the American Eagle to jump economically and politically it will take each wings, left and proper working together. to ensure that anything positive to occur in the U.S. Congress it takes bipartisan leadership.

“And the 2 wings of the nice eagle were given to the lady, in order that she would possibly fly into the desert to her location”

Revelation 12:14; NASB

This biblical passages speaks naturally of God the usage of the us of america in His’ Divine windfall. It speaks of the “two wings” which I believe are the left wing and proper wing in American politics. but who’s the woman?

permit me to cite part of the poem that is on the Statue of Liberty:

“keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!”

cries she with silent lips.

give me your tired, your terrible,

your huddled lots yearning to breathe free;

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

ship these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,

I raise my lamp beside the golden door.

-by means of Emma Lazarus, New York city, 1883

The Statue of Liberty holds a torch in her right hand and consists of in her left a book of regulation inscribed “July 4, 1776.” The broken chains, symbolizing the overthrow of tyranny, lie at her ft.

Immigrants across the world would see “lady Liberty” welcoming them to the usa’s shores. For more than one hundred years the Statue of Liberty has turn out to be the worldwide image of freedom.

Referring back to our text in Revelation, it’s important that the Holy Spirit does no longer in truth refer simply to “the wings of the nice eagle,” however very namely “the 2 wings.”

In the us lately the Christian vote is divided politically. Christians who vote Republican accomplish that for their anti-abortion platform. Christians who vote for the Democrats are conscious of the needs of working people, deal with the terrible and hurting in our nation. Independents are usually a mix of the two who don’t really feel represented by way of both.

I believe that God wants Christians in each political events to be salt and light-weight, with the intention to present a favorable affect in our government. I individually consider that God has given “the two wings of the nice eagle” to the woman, “Liberty.”

“supply me your tired, your terrible,

Your huddled lots yearning to be free;”

however the message for us as of late is that it takes two wings for this American eagle to fly. It takes both the left wing and the rignt wing. isn’t it time we agreed to disagree and after we disagree, do it with dignity and admire for each and every different?

the two lacking elements in the us today are dignity and respect for each and every other. admire between Republicans and Democrats. recognize between employees and employers. respect and dignity in our political campaigns?

nowadays if you’re a baby-kisser on the lookout for percentmoney or endorsements, you find out that if you are just a little moderate, it is very tough. p.c.cash handiest goes to individuals on the arduous left or the exhausting proper, moderates don’t appear to suit into the political scheme. One workforce wants to abolish Public Broadcasting and the opposite wants to abolish the department of schooling. any other group demands your’ strengthen for abortion, the other team calls for your’ toughen for vouchers. if you are a Republican, and prefer tax credits over vouchers, improve Public Broadcasting and consider that the department of education gives a crucial service, then, “a number of success.”

nowadays we have so demonized the opposition, polarized these with whom we disagree that considerations transform secondary and sincere debate appears not possible. It was once Ronald Reagan, considered one of our nation’s finest Presidents, who presented what he called, the 11th Commandment:

“by no means talk ill of a fellow Republican.”

What he was saying, is treat each and every different the way you would like to be handled. deal with every different with dignity and recognize. i feel in the usa that it would be good if we adopted one thing very similiar in our thinking: “never speak sick of a fellow American.”

In other words, cease demonizing the other party and start treating each other with dignity and admire. it is what every other great American President, John F. Kennedy stated:

“every American must have the appropriate to be treated as he would wish to be treated, as one would want his children to be treated.”


i’m of the opinion that there had been too many price range cuts and that the Senate has didn’t properly fund our educational applications. My place is that we want to totally fortify the division of training and ship extra federal dollars from Washington to assist states and local faculty districts have the entire funding they need for such applications as are needed for “kids with learning Disabilities” and different applications.

i feel like the black sheep within the birthday celebration for my stand on training. Bob Schaffer wants to abolish the Deparment of education and i wish to raise the division of training’s funding. lots of the Republicans in Colorado are for vouchers. I want tax credit. I wish to see tax credits dependent for all tuition payments from Preschool the entire option to the Ph.D. this would be a sound funding sooner or later of our nation.

I find it interesting that we are able to in finding the dollars to build prisons and not faculties. specialists tell me that the longer term jail population may also be decided by way of Fourth Grade test scores. It sounds like we have now our priorities very at a loss for words. The schooling of youngsters must be the highest prioirty sooner or later. If we work collectively, as a substitute of in opposition to each and every other, we can restore, transform and construct better schools as a substitute of being forced to construct more prisons.

faculty development

school construction will have to transform a priority in the us again. i’ve been to Las Animas and different college districts the place the constructions are so much older and in need of repair. college students who attend class in dilapidated, hazardous and occasionally bad buildings have a tricky time learning. a lot of our faculties aren’t geared up with the computers and high-tech schooling that as of late’s students will need to have.

Smaller, rural and decrease income school districts can not accomplish this with out some federal funding to assist. for my part we want to work collectively to look that we’ve funding to lend a hand these districts repair their most dilapidated public school constructions and when wanted build new faculties.

there may be an elementary school in use nowadays in Las Animas, Colorado which was built within the 1880′s. it’s a smartly cared for and ancient facility, however underscores the fact that it has been a few years since many school districts had been ready to build new school constructions.

PLAN FOR FUNDING better schooling

My roots are in agriculture and that i strongly enhance the rest with a purpose to if truth be told help the farmers and ranchers of Colorado. then again, the Farm security Act; a $ seventy three billion hike in agricultural subsidies enacted for the nice function of assisting impoverished farmers now has such restrictions that link these subsidies to make a choice plants and complete acreage to ensure now that rich farm homeowners, corporate executives and even different legislators merit the most. for instance, basketball star Scottie Pippen and billionaires Charles Schwaab, David Rockefeller and Ted Turner each and every received six-digit farm subsidies during the last 5 years.

So what if we take about 1/2 of these subsidies to the billionaires and suggest a $ 35 billion financial assist package deal that may go to the states to lend a hand carry school lessons down.

And, whereas we are at it, take some other $ 35 billion from the billionaire farmers and fund well being take care of the many Veterans who gave of themselves in order that we could be free these days.

consultants on executive waste estimate that another $ 20 billion a year is literally thrown away each yr on political pork. Let’s kill the pork and convey another $ 20 billion to the desk and start offering some further tax credit for a few of our college students to assist pay for his or her lessons. serving to kids through school just isn’t pork, it’s an funding someday of our u . s ..


We must not ever turn our back on the courageous men and women of our armed forces. Colorado is home to lots of those courageous men and women who have chosen to risk their lives to make us secure and fight for freedom world wide.

We wish to make sure that when our servicemen and women are known as to duty that their households do not face an undue monetary burden.


Why are you operating for this place of job?

so as to symbolize the pursuits and the values of the exhausting working folks of Colorado and now not omit the folks and their values when I get to Washington. I pledge to carry common town hall style meetings across the state and form bipartisan policy committees to lend a hand to find solutions and solve any problems we may just face in the future.

What are your views on President Bush’s new immigration plan?

it is a moral immigration coverage that takes under consideration the concept of the “proper emigrate” and the precedence of the famiy over the state. It does no longer threaten our safety and over the lengthy haul will benefit our economic system.

will have to Roe vs. Wade be overturned?

sure, Row vs Wade was an attempt via the courtroom to put in writing regulation. Their decision used to be in line with the “penumbra” of the constitution, a mysterious shadow or spirit of the constitution, which was once being created via the decision itself. Supreme courtroom Justices will not be elected and in keeping with Artice 1, section 1 of the constitution, should now not write regulations

Do you prefer the Allard/Musgrave modification banning related-sex marriage?

yes, but I also consider that the laws are already in place that give a boost to traditional marriage. If this amendment passes, it would still be examined in the courtroom gadget. both means the legislatures go with this problem, it is still going to wind up within the arms of the Supreme courtroom. while I do make stronger traditional marriage, it is ultimately going to be a call for the Judicial branch and no longer Congress. it is merely a Judicial determination in my view, if you happen to lay the entire political hype to the side, the courts are if truth be told going to come to a decision this. And that underscores the significance of strong Constitutional Justices being appointed to the judiciary, particularly to the united states Supreme courtroom.

What are the three largest issues dealing with your components and what do you see as solutions?

For me, i believe it is schooling, staff rights and armed forces pay. I additionally think it is vital that we choose any individual to the us Senate with an open heart and a listening ear, on the way to work laborious to signify the primary flow values of all of Colorado.

So public schooling is my top precedence, especially within the space of faculty modernization. education shouldn’t be pork, it’s our kids future. I want tax credits over vouchers and would like to see tax credits centered for all tuition funds from preschool to Ph.D. There should be federal cash to help in class modernization and the department of schooling performs a very important position.

military pay is an incredible difficulty for me, we send our courageous soldiers into combat and their families must no longer battle financially.

employees rights: we want a worker pleasant Senator who is familiar with the struggles of working families and does no longer struggle against them. i am very all for Pete Coors and his historical past on this space. while i am not seeking the endorsement of the AFL-CIO, I do trust them on some of the concerns they’re combating for.

At this stage in this campaign i need your make stronger in order to make sure that my name is on the ballot in August and that i can behavior a aggressive campaign. Please talk over with my web page for important points.

CONTACT knowledge:

Brian Raile, campaign manager

Charles Fowler for u.s.a. Senate

post administrative center field 5532

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80931-5532



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